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An Architect for Today's Intricate Risk Management Needs, Benefit Plan Designs and Management Solutions.


NJ&C Consulting Group is the Management Consulting Division of the firm. This division provides a wide variety of insurance and benefit consulting services to clients and also engages in non-insurance related opportunities. Services include:

Benefit Design And Pricing     Renewal Negotiation

      Underwriting and Actuarial Services     Management Consulting

Management Services


Benefit Design And Pricing

- Benefits for Large Employers

- Pricing Methodologies and Funding Arrangements

- Administrative Issues

- Communications Campaign

- Implementation Plan and Process

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Renewal Negotiation

- Analyze the Proposed Renewal

- Develop a Benchmark Renewal

- Negotiate the Final Renewal Action

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Underwriting and Actuarial Services

- Reserve Analysis and Evaluation

- Utilization Analysis

- Trend Analysis

- Claim Lag Studies

- Pricing Methodologies

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Management Consulting

- Work Force Development

- Organizational Effectiveness

- Business Planning

- Communication Services

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Management Services

- Specialized Customer Service Support

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