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An Architect for Today's Intricate Risk Management Needs, Benefit Plan Designs and Management Solutions.




NJ&C Insurance Services is the primary business of the firm. This division is a licensed brokerage providing services in Employee Benefits and Risk Management. Services include:

Benefit Design And Planning     Marketing

      Rate Negotiation     Risk Evaluation     Risk Management

 Environmental Risk Management     Third Party Administration         


Benefit Design And Planning


   - Employee's Short and Long Term Benefit Objectives

   - Benefit Order of Progression

   - Benefit Cost and Employee Cost Sharing Methodology

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   - Develop Request for Proposal (RFP)

   - Analyze Proposal Responses

   - Present Analysis with Recommendations

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Rate Negotiation

   - Negotiate Rates Based on Plan Evaluation

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Risk Evaluation

   - Assess and Evaluate the Type and Degree of Exposure

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Risk Management

   - Identify Solutions and Practices to Minimize Risk

   - Determine Risk to be Transferred 

   - Negotiate Risk with Insurance Companies

   -Conduct Periodic Assessments of the Risk Management Approach Implemented

   - Make Appropriate Adjustments

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Environmental Risk Management

   - Transferring the Exposure of Environmental Liabilities (Known and Unknown) from the Owner of Contaminated Properties to Insurance Companies

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Third Party Administration

   - Premium Billing

   - ACH Funds Receipt and Transfer

   - Collection of Premium for Voluntary Benefits

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